Lafayete Hills

Parenting Support

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our children act out and we just don’t have answers. What may have worked for you in the past, may not be working for you now with a particular child.

Your child may be talking back, or refusing to do what he or she is asked. Bedtime, chores, and homework can become daily battles that leave you exhausted.  You may have tried reasoning with your child only to be ignored or rebuffed, and the only time you feel like you get a response is when you resort to raising your voice.

When children act out, parents can feel like they are doing something wrong, or even that they are bad parents. I have found that this is rarely the case. It is much more likely that parents have just not found the techniques that work best for that particular child.

If you feel like you're out of answers and have tried everything, I can help you to find the most effective way to parent your child. I will work with you to find and implement appropriate limit setting, rewards and consequences, and ways to communicate more effectively while continuing to be seen as the loving parent that you are.