Lafayete Hills

Co-Parenting for Divorce

If your children are acting out due to a separation or divorce, or you are concerned about how your separation might affect your children, I can be of help.

One of the most basic questions children can ask themselves during times of uncertainty, is “What’s going to happen to me?” Uncertainty at this most basic level can create difficult feelings in children, and many are unequipped to navigate such feelings. Children can act out in different ways and signs of distress may be easy to see or extremely subtle. Some may show more overt signs such as rebelliousness and getting into trouble at school. Others may become more quiet and reserved, keeping difficult feelings to themselves and struggling quietly.

During a separation, it’s not always easy for parents to put aside their feelings and discuss what’s best for the kids. Under these circumstances I can meet with the parents either together or individually to discuss ways to minimize distress in their children. Topics can include:

Children benefit the most when parenting is consistent between households, and we can work together to develop parenting strategies that everyone can agree to. By addressing these issues early, the benefit of what you do now will last a lifetime for your children.