Lafayete Hills


It’s ok to feel sad or down on occasion, however if you’re feeling these emotions for weeks on end and they’re stopping you from the activities you normally enjoy, it may be time to find ways to regain control of your life.

Signs of depression can include:

There are so many reasons that people may become depressed. Sometimes, for instance in the case of grief, the reason is easy to see. Other times the reasons are not so clear, and I will explore with you why you may be feeling this way. With time, we can find ways to change the way you may be seeing the world and to change the thoughts that are keeping you feeling down. We will highlight your strengths and work to make changes in your life to help you feel less isolated and to increase energy. Together, we will find the way to address your depression that works best for you. The first and most important step, however, is that you reach out and talk to someone to let them know how you are feeling.