Lafayete Hills


I use an integrative approach that draws upon several types of therapy, however there are three primary influences in my work: Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy.

Drawing from different types of therapy allows for more flexibility in our work together. Since every individual is unique, some therapeutic approaches may be better for different people. For example, anxiety can present itself in varying ways. For some, I may use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to identify unrealistic self-expectations and to teach relaxation techniques. Other times we may benefit from working with Psychodynamic Therapy to look into the past and identify the source of certain worries or behaviors. With families, it is often useful to work from a Systems perspective, which is to understand the family as an integrated system where issues are rarely isolated. Another alternative in both individual and family therapy is Narrative Therapy which can be particularly effective in helping clients see their issues as outside of themselves, thereby making problems easier to work towards solving.

My goal is to not only help you through current issues and concerns but also prepare you to successfully manage them on your own in the future.